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Gallery 1855 Presents Windows and Doors by F/8 Photography Group

April 2015: Best of 8 Group Show featuring Anne Miller, Dave Robertson, Rick York, Dennis McCoy, Joseph Finkleman, Tim Messick, Rob Floerke and Michael Radin "Doors and Windows" Exhibition dates: April 1, 2015-April 30, 2015 Opening Reception April 12, 2015 1:00pm-4:00pm

Gallery 1855 is pleased to announce the F/8 photography group art exhibition featuring local artists Anne Miller, Dave Robertson, Rick York, Dennis McCoy, Joseph Finkleman, Tim Messick, Rob Floerke and Michael Radin. The collection will center on the theme “Windows and Doors” and will run throughout the month of April. A special opening reception with live music by the quartet the Divertimentalists and refreshments will be held April 12th from 1-4:00pm. This extraordinary photography exhibition celebrates the talented group of photographers while highlighting their own unique perspective on a shared theme.

In the 1930’s there was a famous group of photographers living mostly in and around San Francisco. They called themselves the F/64 club. It wasn’t that they actually used this very small f/stop but rather it was the idea of infinite depth of field that intrigued them. Before, for decades, photography had many adherents to a romantic soft focus or selective focus style. Using a small aperture meant that there wasn’t a specific obvious plane of focus, thus the viewer could make their own choice on what was important to them about the image and not be ‘told’ by the photographer where to look. It was used by a variety of photographers in a variety of subject matters but even eighty years later the impact of these photographers and the then revolutionary idea is still palpable. In landscape photography for instance having an infinite depth of field or at least largely so is still considered proper and desirable. It is in this spirit of vision that this group of largely Yolo County photographers have come together to critique each other’s work. The eight artists all have different interests, different visions but one common passion that is to perfect and develop their specific talents.

More information on the artists and upcoming events go to http://gallery1855.weebly.com/


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